Ceiling Fan & Chandelier Installation in Sterling, VA

Many people choose to upgrade their light fixtures when renovating one or more parts of the home. When altering other features of a space, it’s wise to consider the lighting in the room and determine where to make changes. This serves as the perfect time to rewire a fixture, replace an existing one, or install new fixtures to increase the illumination in the room. A person might call an electrician in Sterling, VA to have a ceiling fan installed or an outlet moved. The ideas are endless when it comes to lighting for the home. 

Ceiling Fans

Consider ceiling fans when renovating one or more rooms in the home. Ceiling Fan Installation comes with many benefits. The fans help to lower energy costs, as they create a draft that cools the occupants of the home. Many homeowners find they can turn the thermostat in the home up without sacrificing comfort when they use ceiling fans. 

These fans add a decorative touch to any room and serve as a focal point of the space. Homeowners find they can choose from many options, including remote-control fans, dimming features, and more. Ceiling fans also help to circulate warm air during the cool months of the year, so the HVAC system doesn’t need to work as hard to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. 

Homeowners find many of these fans come with a light kit. However, not all do. Speak with an electrician to see if they can retrofit the fan with one of these kits. Another option involves leaving an existing ceiling fan with light in place and updating the look with a new light kit. This helps the homeowner save money on the renovations while still allowing them to feel as if they have a whole new space. 

Chandeliers in Your Home

Many people associate chandelier installation in Sterling, VA with luxury homes. However, any house benefits from this lighting fixture. It provides any space with an elegant feel and can serve as a focal point of the room. The fixtures don’t take up valuable floor space but still provide the illumination many rooms need. The crystals and glass reflect and refract the light to amplify the illumination. 

Parents love they don’t need to worry about their children tripping over a cord or a pet becoming entangled in a cord and pulling a lamp down. Men and women find that placing lighting fixtures on a wall can damage the home. Chandeliers don’t come with these concerns. The fixture hangs from the ceiling, which leaves wall space for other decorative items. The light provided by the chandelier ensures all who enter the room easily see everything in the room. 

When the time comes to update the home, don’t overlook lighting fixtures. Many people focus on the walls or furnishings, but the details make the difference between a beautiful room and a breathtaking one. Explore different lighting options today to find those that best meet your needs.

 Recessed Lighting

Another option for lighting in your home is recessed lighting. Recessed lighting makes a small room look larger, as there is no visual space between the ceiling and the future. In addition, these lights don’t take up floor space. Homeowners love they can use the space in the room fully when they choose this lighting option. 

Homeowners love they can highlight certain features in the room or aim the lights toward the center of the room to bathe the whole room in light. This depends on what the owner is trying to achieve with the lighting. 

One reason many people choose to have recessed lights installed is they lack the harshness seen with many other lighting options. Nobody wants to wake up in the morning and turn the lights on only to be blinded. Recessed lights provide a soft glow, so there isn’t a sudden change from no light to overwhelming brightness. These same lights establish the mood of the room in the evening when the owner uses them. 

Today, homeowners find they can change the colors of certain recessed lights, depending on the mood they are trying to set for the room. Install these lights in various locations throughout the home. Some homeowners place them underneath cabinets, while other men and women run them along the edges of a room. They then turn the lights on when entertaining to provide a fun and festive atmosphere.

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