Electrical Outlet and Switch Repair in Sterling, VA 

 People rely on electrical devices more today than ever before. As a result, they need access to outlets and switches in good working order. If one or more of these devices in the home aren’t working properly, call an electrician in Sterling, VA for help in rectifying the situation. They inspect the system to find the source of the issue before making recommendations on how to fix it.  

Signs You Need an Outlet Repair 

A homeowner might not realize they need Outlet Repair in Sterling, VA until the outlet ceases to work. However, this device may give off warning signs that people either ignore or don’t realize are a problem.  

When the circuit breaker connected to an outlet flips, call an electrician to find the problem. The wall around the outlet often feels warm when something is plugged into it, or the outlet may feel loose. The outlet may not work at all, or the homeowner might notice something else is wrong. 

Regardless of what problem a person experiences, they should work with a licensed electrician. The problem may appear minor but could be hazardous. They can only know this with the help of the electrician.  

The same holds when an electrical switch in the home malfunctions. Call for an electrical switch repair in Sterling, VA. Nobody wants this minor problem to escalate into a larger issue.  

Keep your home safe by taking precautions with the electrical system. If anything changes within the system or you notice something unusual, call an electrician to have it checked. 

Electrical problems can become life-threatening if you don’t address them promptly. The easiest way to avoid this is to request an inspection of the system and have any recommended repairs completed. This will ensure your electrical system works as intended and your loved ones remain safe.  

Faulty Outlet and Switch Causes 

What makes an outlet or switch malfunction? At times, the problem lies in the installation. However, the problem could result from an arc fault. This happens when a high power discharge of electricity occurs between different conductors, and the wires could overheat and put the home at risk of an electrical fire. High voltage devices and appliances could overload an electrical system as could multiple devices pulling power at the same time. 

The problem might be nothing more than a tripped circuit breaker or ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. The circuit breaker and GFCI outlet turn off when they detect a problem to prevent electrical shock or fire. Restoring the circuit involves nothing more than pressing a reset button or flipping the circuit breaker to the on position. However, if the GFCI outlet or circuit breaker trips again, call an electrician to determine the problem and how to resolve it.  

Outlet Options 

Homeowners have options for outlets today. Standard outlets remain available, but many people choose to upgrade these devices in the home. They recognize the benefits of doing so and feel the benefits associated with installing these outlets outweigh the expense. 

GFCI outlets prevent electrocution and electrical shocks through the use of a ground fault circuit interrupter. If the outlet senses danger, it interrupts power. Building codes in many localities today require these outlets in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where the outlet may come into contact with water. Parents often choose to have these outlets installed in rooms where their children spend time. 

Arc-fault circuit interrupter outlets protect individuals from an electrical arc. These arcs may lead to a fire in the home. The outlet distinguishes between harmless arcs and those that can be a fire hazard. When it detects a fire hazard, the outlet halts the circuit.  

Many homeowners are choosing to upgrade to USB outlets to power the devices in their homes. As more people work from home today, these outlets continue to gain importance. The homeowner can have access to an outlet for household appliances while being able to charge their technology at the same time. This allows them to stay connected without being inconvenienced.  

Contact an electrician today to have the outlets and switches in the home inspected. It’s always best to be proactive with the home’s electrical system. With regular inspections, a person can find minor issues and have them corrected. This ensures the home functions properly and the outlets and switches are functioning when needed.  

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